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Desi in Videsh – First glance at UK

Okay this post comes after a very very looong time. There has been so much on my mind and so much happening. Somehow just never got to it. Getting back to the observations of a desi in videsh. 🙂

Pursuing studies in a country which is not your home is a new experiences which both scares and fascinates you. I have been going through a similar experience myself. It is very often that what we read and expect is in fact very different from the reality.

In the east, a developed country is pictured as utopia which of course is far from the truth. They have many fallacies of their own. These countries may promise transport, health and other facilities around the clock but the quality suffers. Of course, when I talk about the quality I do not refer to the top-notch private health or transport services but those provided by the government.

The importance the British people give to issues relating to Health and Safety is commendable. Every building (at least those I visited)  have clear instructions and safety equipment installed and well maintained. Apart from the health and safety issues, the way historic buildings are maintained is something we need to learn. Another thing that took me by surprise was the number of people who read. It would be common to expect people indulging more in some games on their iGadgets which is clearly not the case.

Listing some of the first things I noticed:

People have a great taste in shoes. From boots to high heels everything is plain AWESOME!

Women wear makeup in excess! I was taken aback to see the amount of makeup women here wear on a daily basis. What a colossal waste of time and money. No, I am not anti-makeup but tonnes of it everyday is surely going overboard.

The number of RATS!!! : The London Underground is a living example of how well they treat their dear little friend.

The number of sorry’s and please’s people use : Append or prepend any sentence with Sorry and/or Please

Curry: It is actually a little amusing when you ask British people about their traditional food. After Fish and Chips you hear Curry… Curry? Really?? Makes me smile. To be fair, the curries here taste nothing like the real stuff back in the east. In fact, on several occasions I have noticed that most (if not all) curries may be called different but they taste the same. The only few things that differ are the amount and type of colouring used; the salad it is served with; and the veggies in the curry. Considering how popular curries are, London is rightly called the curry capital of the world.

To order a regular burger or sandwich can seem more like an interview. As soon as you are done with one question the next one comes straight at you. Would you like brown bread or white bread? What sauce? What salad? What meat? I think having some standard configurations would make the whole process of getting a burger much quicker. After answering all those questions you might just want to get a drink! Coming to think of it now, may be that is what the intention is… 😀

Graceful Ageing doesn’t seem to be very popular. This is a guess I am making by the number of botox’ed faces I see.

Hopefully the next post wouldn’t be too long from now.


Recycled Green Bags

Everywhere we look, we see plastic, plastic and more plastic! What do we do with so much plastic??? Well, read on!

We do have solutions,very CHIC solutions to it.

People who are dedicated to making a difference, know that people will adopt recycled plastic items ONLY if it has a satisfactory fashion coefficient! With this in mind, these are the following recycled plastic bags that I have come across. Personally, I have seen one ongoing project where one single lady took the initiative of recycling the waste plastic in an area. She undoubtedly does a phenomenon job of making wallets, shopping bags, purses etc. Each and every item she makes is SUPER trendy and very chic! The waste plastic she uses ranges from chocolate wrappers to Lay’s packets to advertisment banners and everything you can possibly imagine!

Here are images of bags made by knitting waste plastic :






Apart from these there is a company Green Chic Bags which is also commited towards making a difference. They create these bags and market them at low prices. To make it even better they have tie ups with some super markets which PAY the customers who come with these reusable bags! Seeing initiatives like these I am hoping we dont see as much WASTE plastic as we do now-a-days as afterall it could be the waste that could help you set a business! 🙂 Hoping people find the prospects of plastic as a material to wor with exciting and we get our needs of tomorrow  from todays waste!

Cool huh???

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Hair Styling Winner???

I just came across this photograph which is of the winner of a hair styling competition but I couldnt understand what made her a winner were the others even worse???!@#!@

To me it was nothing more than a colossal MESS!!! I dont know if it is lack of fashion sense or what but it looked like an unruly mess of eeew looking wigs! 




“Model Kim T. recently modeled in the Redken hair competition for hair stylist Ingrid Magana. The duo won first place and will be off to Montreal this September for a professional photo shoot courtesy of Redken”

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