“Gunjan- Isn’t that a guys name?”

My my! The questions that have been stalking me all twenty one years of my life are “Whats your name again?”,” Isn’t that a guys name?”…. This post just displays an individual frustrated with the same questions over and over again! I am hoping this tells people that GUNJAN IS A GIRLS NAME!

The whole wide world is okay when both girls and guys have names like Krishna, Surya or Kiran. But when they hear GUNJAN sabke paet mein dard kyon hoti hai?!?!  Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh! This is the something that has been annoying me all my life! Even as a kid I got fed up of people calling me weird variations of my name Kunjan, Kunchan, JUNJAN (that was the worst! ). It is totally annoying when people ask your name 10 times and then say ‘isn’t it a guys name?’. My first instinct is “BUZZ OFF!!!”. These people who say all this talk like they are masters in the language and know which word is feminine and which is masculine.

So for the information of all those people who are still not convinced… Gunjan is a feminine word!

Just for evidence sake I am citing this Hindi song “Bhawaron KI Gunjan” starring Randhir Kapoor and his wife Babita. Please pay attention it is ‘Bhawron KI Gunjan’ not ‘Bhwaron Ka Gunjan’…

As a kid I was frustrated that my family had to give me a name which came along with soo much explanation and confusion.As is a known fact that you tend to enjoy hard earned things more than what you take for granted! So fighting for my name actually got me more attached to it. And today I totally absolutely LOVE my name! (No I am not acting like the Kareena Kapoor of Jab we met but I LOVE it!!!! 😛 )…

I found another similar article and it is for a name Shrinidhi and here is the link to it…

I am hoping that the readers will think twice before asking questions anyone like “Isnt that a guys name again?”….


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29 responses to ““Gunjan- Isn’t that a guys name?””

  1. Shrinidhi Hande says :

    Hi Junjan.. err Gunjan, honestly, I confess, first time when you left a comment at my blog I thought it is a guy’s name…

    At times I think it is all about dominance- if lot of guys of a particular name exist, that name is terms as guy’s.. when a name is largely used by girls, boys having that name will be made fun of… In 50-50 case like ours confusion prevails…

    What say?

    Best wishes….

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      Well I am glad that you know know that Gunjan ISNT a guys name and is a feminine word in Hindi!

      True that people associate things with dominance but when your on the receiving end its not too great! But anyway thanks to my confusing name I have a blog post that I dint have to ponder over much! 😛

  2. ankit says :

    hmmm .. Namm mai kuch nahi rakha yaar , chill maaro ..

  3. Shrinidhi Hande says :

    The week has a reporter by name Gunjan Sharma.. not sure if this is a guy or a lady

  4. Mohan says :

    Well, you are not alone for sure. I had a female colleague with the same name. After all its just a name to identify and recognize… I do understand there might be few embarrassing situations… nevertheless just let those moments pass by 😉

  5. Thoughtful Randomness says :

    i hv known around 3 Gunjans.. and they have all been girls.. this was a first when I heard that ppl think it is a guys name.. Its good you cleared it out :D.

  6. Munish Gupta says :

    well i knew a guy and a girl by this name… and I never thought it to be a guy’s name or a girl’s name…

  7. Arvind says :

    Gunjan is a girl’s name ( Origin – Sanskrit ) (Meaning – Humming of bees )

  8. Moulee says :

    LOL…Been there. When I first moved to Delhi people asked me, what? Molly? Isnt that a girls name. Then I have to repeat it as many times as I can “No its Moulee”. And the worst is on the first day of my class. When the prof called out my name, some of my classmates were disappointed after seeing a guy responding (i came to know about this later.)

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      Good to know i am not alone!!! 🙂
      And i know exactly what u mean when u say the heads turned to the girls side.. here it is quite the opposite n people think it is a guy! 😛

      • Akash(Gunjan) says :

        hi Gunjan……This is Gunjan here……..and I am a Guy……….U r not alone in this situation…so cheer up……..and thanks for posting this topic here……..Bye…..!!

  9. Gunjan Verma says :

    Hi Gunjan.

    Well…. when I read here that people give you this reaction when they hear your name, honestly I felt very happy. That’s because a lot of people have given me an opposite reaction. You see I am a guy and my name is Gunjan too. I love my name though, just like you do.

    Now in my life I have heard a few guys and a few girls by the same name Gunjan. I don’t know of a famous guy by the name Gunjan but Aaj Tak – the news channel has a male reporter by the name Gunjan Kumar and then of course you have a TV serial with a girl character’s name as Gunjan. So, the point is we should not look for people around with the same name and gender as ours to prove that it’s a girl’s or a guy’s name. It’s our name and we should be called by that name that’s about it. There’s no need to prove anything to anybody.

    Also, there are many other names like Kirti, Kiran where you will find both girls and guys by the same name. For instance, the famous player Kirti Azad is a guy and then you can find many female Kirtis around as well. So you see there are other such names too.

    Now, if you say that the word ‘gunjan’ in Hindi is feminine so it justifies that it is a girl’s name, I totally disagree. Not because my name is Gunjan and I am a guy but because that is not how you decide it. Since you referred to the movie Jab We Met in your original message I would refer to the same movie again. Kareena’s name in the movie – Geet is basically a masculine word but you can find many Punjabi girls by that name.

    So Gunjan, ours is a unisex name and that’s cool. So chill my friend.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention one important fact, all the Gunjans I heve met are either handsome guys or beautiful girls. So my dear you are in the league of some seriously smart people 😉


    – Gunjan

  10. Zubin Mithra says :

    them – “Hey, what`s your name?”
    me – “Zubin…”

    them = “Christian?”
    me = “nnope… Its Zubin Mithra”

    them = “Oooh! North Indian huh?”
    me = “nope… Im a keralite…”

    them = “hmm… Mithra; you must be a Muslim then…”
    me – “nope…”

    Well, its not that I mind people thinking i`m of a different religion, but it IS buggy when you have people trying to draw out all kinds of conclusions from your name… 😉

    nice read. 🙂

  11. Gunjan says :

    Urgh….im a male…..and my name is GUNJAN….everybody says its a girls name…i hate it…..

  12. Averil says :

    You could turn around and say, “don’t I look fabulous in drag darling!”… but that of course may give some Uncleji or Auntyji a cardiac ;-)…

    Btw, with a name like mine and living in India, I continue to get mail addressed to a Mr. Averil… so yeah I’ve done the odd smart retort thingie. Works at times, at others you’ve just gotta live with it hon 😉

  13. Gunjan joiya says :

    Hi Gunjan
    My name is Gunjan as well but I m a guy and people annoy me by saying that Gunjan is a gals name.but being with this name people remember me like my teacher as a boy wid a gals name.this name have both pros and cons.
    I m feeling really good after reading your article.

  14. gunjan says :

    my name is gunjan and i am male

  15. gunjan moolchandani says :

    i am boy and my name is gunjan but i never hesistat of that coz person is known by his work not name

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