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Happy B’day Chrome!

One year to this new kid on the block who has become a part and parcel of our life and is here to stay. Yes I am talking about Google’s one year old browser CHROME!

I was ranting about never having a crash in my blog and all the other blogs also but it seems that wasn’t to be the case when google turns ONE! Just yesterday I was trying to install a new theme on chrome. I downloaded the theme and it is supposed to get installed on its own but that dint happen. I thought the problem was that the chrome i was using wasn’t updated. Ok, so I just downloaded the newer version. What happened now is what shocked me! When I opened the Google Chrome window and typed a URL it would just not connect! This really came as a shock, I tried everything I could but had to uninstall it! Lost all my bookmarks, everything dint have a copy of any of that! I have learnt my lesson now and am sure to be using my online bookmarking accounts more regularly! There are some lessons you learn the hard way probably this is one of those for me!

Anyway whatever said and done we shouldn’t ignore the birthday boy/girl!! 😛  Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to CHROME!!!

Happy Birthday CHROME!

Lets hope with Chrome turning one year old we will have more stable versions of it with more plugins.  Google is way ahead of other browsers when it comes to speed of execution of javascript but some plugins for social bookmarking,  ad blockers etc is what we all will be looking forward to.  Here is The official chrome blog it clearly shows the superiority of Chrome.

I have an earlier post which was also dedicated to chrome here is the link to that Click here


Firefox fan??

Mozilla Firefox fan???  

I dont know if I was… But definitely not any more! 😛 

This picture below is an effort that a friend and myself had made for a tshirt design competition for which we never even submitted this! But I would like to remind you all this was WAY before chrome was released!!!

See what boredom can do to people! 


If you ask me today, I will have NO doubt about Chrome being the BEST browser! 

Google Rocks! Chrome Rocks!  🙂

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