Google Vs Microsoft!

The heading says it all! 🙂

Google is considered as a phenomenal brand that stands for its innovation and leadership and completes mammoth tasks in grace. Another thing that goes Google”s way is that it is known for its optimistic approach to future planning. Personally for me this is the one company that directly affects the daily lives of people. Microsoft on the other hand has revolutionized what software industry by its greatest innovations of Windows the legendary Operating system which till date gives the other companies a run for their money when it comes down to user friendliness and ease of use.

The only reason for dislike for the two companies is due to their voracious eater reputation which of course comes from the havoc that broke loose when the news about both companies acquiring Yahoo! came into being. But even then we love them both as they make the large information out there usable for us!

Is Google a threat to the company where the genesis of the most popular Operating System of the world happened? Is Microsoft feeling the pressure to prove this wrong? Is Google trying to push Microsoft out of the picture considering the rate at which this giant is growing?? Well, I have made an attempt to answer these questions. Read on…

Starting with the brand value of the two giants.

After being declared as the number one brand in 2003, Microsoft never really had a chance to get back to that position owing to the increasing fame of Google. The position which was once Microsoft’s is now unamiously that of Google as the formers market value dipping and the latter’s leaping at an astounding pace! And finally in 2007 Google was declared as the number one!

From the 20th position in 2007, to the 10th position in 2008 and then the top position later, there really has not been any looking back for Google. This does not mean in any way that Microsoft is not getting their pie in the market. If we look at their turnovers and profit there hasn’t been much of a change but their goodwill sure has been shadowed by that of Google. It is probably after this that Microsoft decided to give the search giant its run for money with developing its new search engine Bing which has surely come a long way keeping in mind its not so popular Microsoft Live Search.

Search engine arena

Bing claims to be a “decision engine” and that it doesnt jus ‘SPIT OUT’ results  on the order of popularity(am sure that would have hit Google really hard! ).  It’s designed to help people search the Web more intelligently — to find the right information that can aid them in making decisions. The benefits of using Bing are very subtle but only with use they become evident. It is not as intutive as one would want it to be. For instance, if we roll over the results, in the margin we might more links leading to more information. Bing is being suggested to be the best for product related , travel related searches where it not only gives the information but can also order the results according to preferences like cost, hygine etc.  The results that Bing gives are ofcourse different from that of Google which was very much expected as they use different algortithms. But it is said that when it comes to specific searches the results were more or less similar. One of the major drawbacks are that Bing’s video search tool has a preview mode that lets you view and listen to part of a video simply by hovering over it with your mouse. Trouble is, it works with porn as well as “family friendly” videos.If you would like to know more here are some reviews 1 , 2

One June 4, according to data just released by StatCounter Global Stats, Bing accounted for 5.62 per cent of all worldwide searches, compared to Yahoo!’s 5.13 per cent. Meanwhile, Google grabbed a typically monopolistic 87.62 per cent.

This new kid on the block is definitely off to a great start lets see whether it can be a threat to the search behemoth Google! (Being a Google fan it just doesnt sound so likely! 😛 But I have to agree that Bing is much better than its predecessor!) Some say that it took Microsoft a decade to make its way to the battle ground, turning up late to a fight that has already been won, the victor having since turned their attention to loftier pursuits. Its just a matter of time

In the same week Bing came out, Google unveiled their secret project Walkabout, or as we now know it, Google Wave. Google Wave addresses the simple question, “What would online messaging look like if we built it today?”. Google gas been working on this for two years but even then it seems they are still the only contenders in its area, with no other companies raising hands to say they were also trying to solve the problem Wave addresses.Google really knows how to be on the top! 😛

Wave brings together e-mail and instant messaging, as well as forums and blogs and wikis and business collaboration all in one new protocol.Rather than require a user to decide on a specific form of communication which the message will forever be bound to – like an e-mail or IM – Google Wave implements living messages. They are simultaneously e-mails and IMs. They are blogs and wikis and documents all at the one time. Some key technologies in Wave are Real-time collaboration, Natural language tools, etc.  To know more click here.

Here’s a video, I know its long but its awesome!

Operating System Arena

In this arena Microsoft sure has its monopoly. Let us see what happens with Google stepping in here also.Google is set to offer its free Android mobile-phone operating system for computers, opening a new front in its rivalry with Microsoft challenging the dominance of the company’s Windows software.  This sure is turning out to be an epic-battle!

Web Browser arena

Overall IE numbers still dropping as IE8 gains share at the expense of IE7 while rivals like Chrome,Firefox and Safari gain users.  It is said that Chrome’s usage share climbed by 0.4 of a percentage point, from 1.4 to 1.8 percent, the largest one-month increase since the browser debuted last September. The gain represented a 27 percent surge over April. Good news for Google again. Though IE 8 is better than the earlier versions lets see if it manages to lure users but it is said that IE8 presents a special tallying problem for Net Applications. The trouble stems from IE8’s “compatibility view” feature, which lets users display sites as rendered by the older — and often Web standard-incompatible — IE7.

Who has the last laugh??? Well, it is really hard to say but I think seeing the innovative stuff Google is coming up with, it gives us users this feeling that it knows what we want! So for this reason I would vote Google! 🙂

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11 responses to “Google Vs Microsoft!”

  1. Anirudh Goel says :

    Interesting piece of work, nicely outlined the current scenario. I think you missed on the Office Apps and the Web Platform. And many many more elements where Microsoft has strength in. However, i would love to disagree with you on many points.. So i thought i can add a piece of my mind here. Firstly No doubt Google is there, where was Microsoft before google came. Confused? well what i mean is, back when Microsoft Released XP and later Office 03, i think they were on their peak, and brand value soaring to new hights, similarly google is enjoying the similar story today.

    However i would like to ask a question, What is that you use google for..? Searching anything on the web, Conversing with your friends via Gmail and GChat, Orkutting and Youtube at the max. Have you used anything else of theirs, yeah Blogger Perhaps, Picasa may be, am not aware of anything more than that..And do you remember clicking any of the sponsored ads or paying any amount to them ever? So coming to my point, A company can become a threat if it is being used rapidly and in huge amount by all the users, which is better in favour of some other product for which people had been paying so far.. I love google search, no doubt, but frankly google can’t dethrone a company like Microsoft, for the reason the way the company is making money. Their sole earnings are from Advertisements, and i am not sure if that model can help them to get some where to challenge Microsoft. Operating Systems, Windows Drivers, Office Applications, .NET Platform, Visual Studio, Live Services, XBOX and Entertainment, ZUNE, IE, you name it and microsoft is making it’s presense felt, and making it nicely felt. Thus concluding, i think it is long before we can say a battle is emerging.. I just don’t see it happening in the near future. (Hope i’m proven wrong!!)..

    • distinctlyuniform says :


      Well regarding the Office Apps, I know that office is great but Google Docs are definitely in the queue to replace it especially keeping in mind their developments. Though I agree that it will take some time to break the ongoing monopoly that Microsoft has. See here

      About Google making its income through advertisements, I dont understand what the prob is! Coming to the point if Google is nearing Microsoft keeping even though their earning is only thru’ these advertisments then dont u think it is a threatening for MS with Google entering the OS arena also???
      “We’ll see Google more as a competitor in the desktop operating-system business than we ever have before,” Ballmer said.,1000000121,39619204,00.htm

      About other Google products, Google Appliance is definitely on the list.
      then we have Google maps, Chrome, Earth, Google Apps…

      And I am in no way denying that Windows is good but i am just saying that MS needs to watch out as Android is on its way.

      About the battle, Ballmer of Microsoft itself has admitted that Google is the closest anyone has gotten n u r denying it??? I will try finding the link.

      PS: I knew u would be the first one to comment on this!
      I have given as many links as i could find as I know its hard to convince u! 😛

  2. swordfish1987 says :

    I am in agreement with ani that MS is gonna be here for atleast the next one centuary..but please take out IE from that “greats” list…it SUX..and on the other hand I am in love with windows.
    anyway i havent read the post well, so i will make a detailed comment on it later..bye for now..

  3. Anirudh Goel says :

    Yeah i forgot to mention Maps, that’s an awesome application!! But have you taken at the features of office 14? It has live integration to the cloud for your word documents.. meaning? You just like that open your word (which is obviously installed on your machine) and store it online, and it can be edited at the same time the way it happens for google. So bang! Now you don’t need to switch to any other implementation, if you need office collaboration!

    I’m trying to get my data right, before commenting further towards the financial aspects, but from the recent study it seems that google has got awesome financial health (i wasn’t aware of it)..So wait till i comment further!

    If you look at the heart of things, google’s storng where ever efficient data mining and warehousing is required. that is their strength, and i think they must stick to it, that way it can hurt microsoft more than anything.

    • swordfish1987 says :

      I just disagree with the last line…the biggest mistake in business is to remain stagnant.It was that same mistake of Yahoo and MS that dinn see Google coming..And Google is a bit too aggressive to wait forever with their data business. With that immense wealth they wield they can spend a lot of money for R and D. Now its not too distant a future where Google becomes a contender for the OS market itself. They just came up with Android for cell phones and already HP has decided to pack into their internet notebooks. I am not anti-windows, you know that ani better than anyone..but Google is not going to go away. If MS can do it, Google can do it as well..Afterall they are already the official rulers of the Internet..

  4. John says :

    Nice geeky post.. May I know who the author is??

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      “Nice geeky post”???
      Well, I dont know if that was supposed to be a compliment…. even if it isnt i would love to take it as one! 😛
      About me, I am a final year engg. student…

  5. swordfish1987 says :

    Hey did u quit blogging? By the way I have written something that is similar to this article at

  6. Vijay says :

    Nice Imforation being posted. It always feels good to read, when someone writes about the products offered by a company and not mere comparing one’s loss to another gain.

    Good Read.


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