Son-in-law Eggs

Quite a weird name for a lovely Thai dish – I made sure I read it twice over to ensure my eyes weren’t playing tricks with me but the dish is indeed called son-in-law eggs. Have no idea about the origin of the name but I do know its a popular Thai egg dish. To make things even better it is an easy egg dish!


  1. Eggs
  2. 1 Large Onion – finely chopped
  3. Spring Onion – 1 stalk
  4. Tamarind – a generous pinch
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Sugar – 1tspn
  7. Fresh coriander – finely chopped
  8. 2 whole red chillies

To prepare the tamarind sauce :
1. Soak the tamarind in warm water for 10mins.
2. Carefully extract the tamarind water into a pan. Ensure you do not allow the seeds and veins of the tamarind into the pan.
3. Add sugar and bring to a boil.
4. Allow the sauce to simmer and reduce till the consistency seems right.

Directions for the main dish:
1. Boil the eggs – be careful so that the yolk doesnt harden. Normally boil for about 7mins on low flame
2. In a pan roast the whole red chillies till they are dark brown. Make sure you turn on the exhaust before doing that else you would end up having a coughing fit! Keep the roasted chillies aside.
3. In the same pan add some oil and saute the onions till golden brown.
4. Add salt and freshly cut coriander.
5. Add most of the reduced tamarind sauce to the onions and cook well till the sauce sticks onto the onions. Add the roasted red chillies to this mixture and mix.
6. In a pan take some oil to fry the boiled eggs. After shelling the eggs, to the pan add the egg and ensure that all sides of the egg are fried. This gives a nice texture to the egg – crisp on the outside to the firm albumin on the interior and the inner most gooey yolk. In the original dish – the eggs are deep fried but I used 2 table spoons of oil in a non-stick pan and rotated the egg to ensure all sides are crispy.
7. Time to plate up – Add the spring onions for the crunchiness to the dish and the remaining tamarind sauce on top of the egg.


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One response to “Son-in-law Eggs”

  1. Maria says :

    Will definitely try this!

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