Avocado Shake

This is one of the surprise packages for me. I am not particularly fond of the taste of avocado’s and so was a bit sceptical about the avocado shake but it pleasantly surprised me! I have absolutely loved it and try having it as regularly as possible because of the goodness of avocado’s.

1 Avocado
3 tablespoons Sugar
400ml Milk
3-4 Cardamom seeds

  1. Get the flesh out of the avocado. For those of you who haven’t used avocado before, cut the fruit into two apart from the centre seed. After this you should be able to split it into two – one half having the huge seed (as in the image below). After that using a spoon you can easily scoop the flesh out.
    Be careful about the avocado’s you pick – ensure they are ripe because raw avocado’s are bitter and barely edible. The best way to check if the avocado is ready is to hold the base of the fruit against your palm and gently apply pressure. If you feel the pressure going through to the tip then its perfect else might be worth waiting another day or 2.
  2. Powder the cardamom seeds.
  3. Add the avocado flesh, cardamom seed powder, sugar and little milk to the blender and blend till you get a smooth thick paste.
  4. Finally add all the milk and blend.
    And you have heaven in a glass! 🙂 I agree it doesn’t look extraordinary it could be easily mistaken for a pista shake but it tastes incredible! A must try at least for the health benefits of avocado’s. Though after you try it once I believe you will easily fall in love with it and want more!


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