The luck game called ‘Campus Placements’

This post is here to question the credibility of the placement procedure. The common belief is that the last bunch of people to get recruited into a company are the ones who are least intelligent or least deserving or the scum of the class. But is it truely so?

I too had this notion in my head until I witnessed the whole placement procedure unfold in front of my eyes!
One of the brightest brains got placed in the 10th company!!! I can now say for sure that the first nine were truely unlucky to not have him! He is one of the best logical thinkers we have around.
Another girl from my batch who has it all from sports to logic to all the credentials to get a job but somehow she got through her 11th company!What I do not understand is why everything is so unfair right from getting an admission in college to getting a job! I wish that no one is put through the kind of trauma these guys were put through. Doing everything right yet something going wrong. That something was LUCK! Not getting through the first bunch of companies cannot be attributed to lack of preparation, lack of logic or lack of soft skills. If these guys don’t have it then who does? This is my frustration and my happiness that makes me write this. Frustration that these guys were put through all this and happiness that this company got lucky by recruiting them! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (Yes I do think that this company is lucky to get them and not vice versa! )

The placement procedure is really a gamble. It depends on a LOT of factors like whether your having a good or a bad day, whether you go into the rejection panel, whether your interviewer sees what other people see, what kind of a mood your interviewer is in etc etc. We have witnessed all these factors play a role one after another. The sad part of the story was that it always happened to the same people. Like I said earlier, these people had everything to grab that job except the luck which sadly never went their way! But like they ‘kahani baaki hai mere dost!’…. Finally a company came which got lucky to get them! A happy ending finally! 🙂

Note: I have not mentioned another bright n lovely girl above. This mention is for her (the share2 of my visual cryptography scheme! 😛 🙂 )

For all those times you held yourself from breaking down
For all those times there were unanswered questions swarming around
There are times like these that make you realize
That after every dusk there is a dawn


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12 responses to “The luck game called ‘Campus Placements’”

  1. R Saraswathan says :

    Gunjan, I do appreciate your feelings for the injustice to your friends, who, in your opinion, are brilliant candidates. Please remember, during Interview, the Interviewers do not look for Intelligence and academic performance alone for selection.They would be more interested in the suitability of the candidate for the job in question and the team playing quality of the candidate besides individual abilities.

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      I do understand your concern regarding the suitability of the candidate but for the post of a s/w engg in one of the mass recruiters i dont know how u really gauge suitability. Also when the initial bunch of people went most of them were recruited as their required number was approaching they got stringent. So I dont think the best were chosen in all the cases. I am glad u mentioned the suitability of the candidate it was something i forgot. Thanks for that. But i still believe it is really a luck game.

  2. R Saraswathan says :

    Yes, it is a pity that some marginal companies HR may be guilty of what you perceive but I am sure the renown companies will definitely be very careful in their selection of candidates. I am sure that real quality will always get noticed, may be a little later perhaps. Your concern is well taken and I appreciate.

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      Yes that is exactly what I wanted to achieve out of this post -to create an awareness among both the candidates and the recruiters that not always the best get recruited. So caution for the candidates because there is nothing to get disheartened about and for the recruiters to watch what is happening to their reputation by clumsy recruitment processes.

  3. Yadu says :

    Hi,The feelings and emotions that shows throughout this post is very common. But, you must realise that knowing or guessing what are the expectations of your interviewers and presenting yourself accordingly does win placements. Like everything else all these selection procedures have their issues. And hey, the bright ones will take flight no matter what.Nice post 🙂

  4. Satwinder Singh says :

    Basically the thing is that its very difficult to judge a person based on a single day’s performance. Am saying this from the interviewer’s point of view. Even in our college, many non-deserving(the ones who never do classes, waste their time in nefarious activities) got through, and a Branch topper failed to make it.

    Moreover, there are many factors that come into play. But ultimately, if you have it in you, then you will surely be successful. 🙂

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      I completely agree that if u have it in you, you will get through… but the question is not whether or not you get through… i am talking about how long u take to get through… The trauma is the process of getting there… It is very hard for a good student to get a few rejects on his face when he cant even figure out why… Thats what I was trying to focus on…. Eventually the worthy candidate will prove his/her mettle! 🙂

  5. Naveen K R says :

    So where can i find this thing ‘Luck’ cheaply? 😛 Nicely written article even though not the best feeling to read since i’ll have to test my luck too,soon. 😦 😀

  6. cresloga says :

    Hey well written. But let me tell you, it is the trauma they are put through, that is pathetic. In actuality they are the blessed. You feel this way (as in the post) when you are just out of college. But 2,3 years down the lane, you would find the ones who got through their 10th or 11th interviews, blessed in disguise. First few recruiters in line, they pick the maximum volume and neglect the rarest of species. But the 10th and 11th when they come, they pick the rarest of species and treat them well. Long way to go!! you will definitely learn all this as time goes by. All the best to you and your friends!!


  7. sks2610 says :

    Thank God! I’m not the only one to face this 😀

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