Rahul TRP le jaayenge

This is about the show on NDTV imagine – Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. Another “REALITY” show which is nothing but an eye wash! For those of you who dont know about the show it is a Swayamvar Season 2 for Rahul Mahajan who is 34 and is a divorced drug addict (or atleast was). With the kind of nonsense happening Rahul TRP zaroor le jaayenge!

We sure know one thing now that people today can do ANYTHING for fame and money!!!!! How many girls would compete on national television to get married to a divorced drug addict who allegedly had affairs with actor Payal Rohatagi???? I couldn’t even think of one reason why ANY girl would humiliate herself by this kind of show of “desperation”. To add masala to the whole thing they talk about a girls past on the show!!! I mean how cheap can you get???

I dont understand why these girls are putting themselves through all this. Don’t you think you deserve better than a drug addict? If you call that his  ‘past’ well then why cant he accept your past without making a big deal about it on national television and making it look like you are double crossing?

Something I found particularly annoying was that when Rahul and Dimple Ganguly went for a date on a hot air balloon, the girl even mentioned that I came here for a competition and I dint know anything much about you. This is the kind of people who claim to be IN LOVE??? What could probably be the reason for people like this to come on the show? It definitely is not love, not seeking a relationship then what???? FAME MONEY!  This truely is the height of nonsense and desperation!

For all you know Rahul sirf TRP le jaayenge. He would just be fooling around with all the girls and walk home single and try hitting on all other girls alive!

Nonsense Nonsense!

PS: These are my views and maybe you do not agree with me. But it is my blog so does it matter ?  🙂


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21 responses to “Rahul TRP le jaayenge”

  1. Hitesh says :

    think Rahul is the biggest jack ass….no the ppl who made this serial are bettering him everyday…….even the girl …..last year i was amazed that there are ppl who want to marry Rakhi Sawant…..and this year i thought….they won;t even find 12 or 14 girls don;t know how many are participating……for the show….

    money and name are important things…….

  2. Heena says :

    I totally agree with you distinctlyuniform, I mean the same thoughts ran through my mind when I saw so many girls flocking Rahul Mahajan, I would say Rakhi Sawant was still better relatively speaking. The extent to which people can go for money now-a-days is indeed stupendous. In my opinion, such kind of shows should be banned.

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      True… Our thoughts are in complete synch here… Even I was gaping with my mouth wide open on seeing that some people are ACTUALLY soooo desperate! 😛
      Even I think things like these need to be banned as they make a complete fool of the viewer!

  3. Parth J Dave says :

    I agree with you.. Our reality shows are less of reality, and more of manipulation and fabrication. I am shocked to see the extent to which such cheap people can go to achieve fame and money. Disgraceful!

    Why don’t we, as viewers, raise a protest against such senseless shows which eat up on our time and energy?

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      True… these people are nothing but a disgrace!

      I think a lot of people are raising protests against these shows. All the news channels are condemning them! Lets hope channels also realize this and stop having such nonsense on air!

  4. Parth J Dave says :

    It is a good sign that people are raising their voices against such shows. As you said, news channels do condemn them, but as a matter of fact, news channels are also turning senseless and broadcasting crap these days. The best example is India TV here..

    I support you that channels should have better moderation facilities to keep a check on such silly programmes. Let’s see what happens in the future of Indian television.. Is it the greed for money and fame that will win or will it be the demand for sensible shows that shall take away the cake?

    Let’s wait and watch…

  5. thatdoesntsoundright says :

    its all rubbish. not only is he generally shameful, but he is also tainting his father’s legacy, tainted though it might be.

    god help us all.

  6. g2 says :

    He was not just any rug addict.. he was a wife beating drug addict divorcee!

  7. g2 says :

    I hate all kinds of reality TV… the whole concept of people willing to go anything for those 15 minutes of fame and money is very American…

    American TV has awesome comedy and drama but we chose to import the worst genre… reality!

  8. Vishal says :

    By far the most idiotic show on Indian television!

    Never thought that NDTV would air such shows…as u said TRP k liye sab chalta hai!

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      yes… “TRP ke liye kuch bhi karega” kinda attitude is REALLY depressing… I think the movie RANN is very much in agreement with this and highlights this issue in a superb way!
      its pretty sad to see the state of affairs these days! :-/

  9. Hitesh says :


    why this post is submitted again to Indivine…….???????

  10. Shilpa Garg says :

    I have not seen any episode of this Nonsense program but have heard enough from my friends.
    Its really amazing to see how desperate these girls can be. Heard as many as 16000 girls applied for this Swayamvar!!
    The best was when one of the girls was asked about the full name of Obama. And she said….Obama Bin Laden!!!!! 😀

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      That was truely hilarious! One thing is proved girls with absolutely no grey matter apply for these shows and its sad to know that there are SIXTEEN THOUSAND brainless desperate women in India! 😛

  11. JC says :

    I was following the show. Most of the girl says that I love Rahul. But that changss to critisism if Rahul rejects the girl. How can love came and go away within 7 days?? They are making fool of themselves while trying to fool us.

  12. Nakli Reporter says :

    Man…these guys are just loosing it and for such people I have written a post @ http://www.naklinews.com/2010/03/06/rahul-marries-rakhi-in-the-name-of-jijusa-k-a-jesus/

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