Angels & Demons Movie

Following protests by Christian bodies over controversial film Angels and Demons, the Censor Board has assured them of deletion of some of the portions before release of the movie, which will also have a disclaimer saying that it is a work of fiction.

“This time we didn’t insist for a ban but demanded that certain portions be deleted and a disclaimer should be shown saying it is a work of fiction with no relationship to reality. And we have been assured of the same by the Board,” said Mr. Babu Joseph who is the CBCI spokesman and was a part of the screening committee along with Sharmila Tagore,Censor Board Chairperson, review committee members and National Integration Council member John Dayal among others.

Am glad that there is no ban on the movie as I am greatly looking forward to it! An amazing book that I managed to read in my Operating Systems lab sessions! 😛 I am hoping the movie lives upto the standards of the book!

The reviews Angels & Demons is getting is that it is more entertaining than its predecessor but the twists and turns in the movie are at dizzying speeds! To read more click here


Here’s the trailer of the movie. Enjoy!


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5 responses to “Angels & Demons Movie”

  1. swordfish1987 says :

    Well this was one book I liked more than Da Vinci code itself..And therefore my expectations about the movie are high as well. But the last time when Da Vinci code became a movie that disappointed me a lot.It was no way near the book. I cant blame the makers either. It is impossible to keep a story that elaborate within the time limits of a standard holywood movie. And I believe that is the same reason why ppl feel that the “twists and turns in the movie are at dizzying speeds”. Anyway I suggest you better read the book before taking a ticket for the movie. And in the book Ms. Vetra was too cool…lemme see if she does the same in the movie as well…And somebody in holywood please make a movie out of “Digital Fortress”.

  2. Zubin Mithra says :

    its sad when there`s so much controversy surounding a good piece of work, dont you think? “the da vinci code”; though a well-taken movie was rated adult and had a disclaimer at the start…

    lets just hope this flick`s a hit too!!! 🙂

    • distinctlyuniform says :

      well actually i think this controversy and rating it as an adult movie makes it popular!
      the producers dont need to do much for publicity as the organisations would do enough for it…
      also like they say in Harry Potter n the Order of Phoenix ‘banning something is the best way of ensuring people read it!’ i think it is true here also…
      n yeah i am also hoping the movie does well………..

  3. Janet says :

    Monday, May 25 I went to see Ron Howard’s adaptation of Dan Brown’s book “Angels & Demons”. I read and saw “The Da Vinci Code”, however, I can tell you with all certainity I did not read the book “Angels & Demons” Yet moments into the movie I was astounded to find I was watching a movie I had previously seen…not read but saw! I can’t tell you when, but to the best of my recollection I was home when I first saw this movie. Chalk it up as some dingbat lady writing you if you’d like, because there seems to be no logic explanation, so either I had some sort of out of body experience or this is a remake. I would truly prefer to hear “Angels & Demons” is a remake, because any other explanation is beyond scary. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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